Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Youngest Granddaughter Michail is now staying in The Cottage for awhile. She has moved back from Wisconsin and trying to get started on a career! This picture really shows a part of the cottage needing a scraping and paint job! It all doesn't look like this! Our little dog Tasha thinks she's O.K. now, but she takes protecting us and the property very seriously!
My latest Birthday Card from@Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, Kansas Maurice say's it's a 1954 Cadillac! The year he graduated from High School!

Neighbor and special friend gave me this pretty" blingy" necklace and pretty card1

My Sorority Sisters celebrated the 1st day of March with a lovely tea at@ Country Keepsake Tea Room in Belton, Mo.

My Choice!


Hungry Yet?

Very Unusual  Decoration: A Curtain made out of Tea Bags!

Some Used some not!

The Viola's finally arrived at Walmart! Yeah!

Such precious little faces!

And They have a Long Blooming Season!

Picked up some Spring Flowers and Bow for the Back door Wreath.

Been wanting to find these rocks for painting pictures on then Abandoning them around just for fun! Found them at Home Depot for $12.00 a big bag!  Hope to have some ready for Easter


  1. Happy Birthday! those curtains sure are different arent they? I bet they smell good! lol! be sure to show us when you paint those rocks. I want to see what you do with them!
    happy wednesday

  2. I can't wait to see how you decorate those rocks! What a generous thing to do. And the fare at the tea room looks SO interesting. I'm sure you had a great time with the good company and unique shoppe. Best wishes to your granddaughter in her new career path. She's blessed to have such a comfy place to stay.