Sunday, January 27, 2013


Even though sister Judy is 5years younger than me we have great times together. She is an artist at decorating her home as well as her self! After Mother and Daddy passed away Judy and husband moved into the home rather than sell it. My husband had built for Mother a deluxe 10'X12' tool shed which was full of discarded flower pots, fencing and you get the idea   One day Judy had this vision of it becoming her little get away (but still close by) from handicap husband and grand kids.She knew exactly how she wanted to furnish it and we found a sofa that had to be moved in while the tool shed door was still on or it wouldn't fit in otherwise! We found an older handyman from church that would put in windows and door and electricity (that's and hilarious story for another time). She want big rose wallpaper which we ordered and put up. Everything we found to furnish it from thrift stores or family treasurers
It was a "Doll House" until about 2 or 3 years ago when she discovered  a SNAKE inside! That was it! Every once in a while she will get brave enough to open the door hurriedly  grab something else out and take to the house. Such a shame!
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Little  precious Vignettes are still everywhere in this little "haunted cottage"

Reminders of it's "Glory Days"

Even has a Chandelier!   The next post will be a real treat! The inside of her house! A real "Vintage Delight"  By the way if you haven't stopped by my other blog: I hope you'll give it a visit too! An entirely different side of my personality!


Saturday, January 19, 2013


Welcome! My name is Marlynne Joy Snare and I'm dressed up for an old fashioned Tea Party our Sorority had the other night. I had this picture all cropped and ready but something happened so your seeing more than I wanted! Oh Well! I am a 76 yr. old (in Feb.) great-grandmother that still likes to create and have fun!  The "Story Of The Cottage" on the sidebar tells how my cottage came about and it is precious to me!. This is my 3rd year with my blogs. My first one is Marlynne Creates Daily,  This fulfills my Folk Art Style and  Precious Cottage my Victorian Style. Hope you will come back and visit me again!

This favorite old photo has followed me around for years. Right now it is on the round table by my bed

My good friend and neighbor made a Journal for me for Christmas this year. This is how I am using it. I'd been seeing some of the artists bloggers do "Zentangle" (I think this is what it's called) art so I'm trying it!

This is the second page. I like quotes and use them a lot in my art. These were all drawn "doddle" style with one continuous line,  or circle. I used bottle acrylic paints, but could be done with pencils, markers or watercolor paint.

I was thinking about the Cancer Survivor friends on this 3rd. page. I decided to give a behind the veil look by dabbing apiece of bubble wrap with white paint and then sprinkling white glitter.

I had planned on this picture following the one of the journal which is next and I wanted as first! Can you tell I'm just new to this computer stuff? Thank goodness for Granddaughters help ever so often!

This is my beautiful Journal from Hope, with a few of my accessories.The photos remind me of Mother. The beaded cushion was made with beads from my great grandmothers things. The "Omnium Gatherum" hanging was made after I saw an Antique Store with this name and thought it fit in around here! The Book Marker was a gift from a special friend and sorority sister. I am anxious to visit all your blogs too! So for now happy blogging!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


This pretty pink button Cuff Bracelet was brought to me as a gift from Hope, my very good friend and neighbor. I was excited to get it not only because it's pretty and fun to wear, but because I've been wanting to make some and now I have a sample! It is 8" long (finished size) and 2"(finished size) wide. The cloth is a suede like material and the closure is Velcro. I have seen quite arty ones with charms, feathers chains and etc. Another fun project for 2013!
These are the tags I just finished and mailed to Marilou for the January Trade. The theme was "Days of Wine & Roses" I   kept the first one on the left for myself. I always have to make myself one of every thing I do! These make fun little gifts to hide or give away as well as for  gift tags or just for displaying