Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I hadn't thought about it, but taper candles are not easy to find anymore!  I do like the way the candelabras look in the house.

One on each side of the opening between the dining room and great room
I've had fun creating this new quilt/bedspread for the grandkids room! The green & white check doesn't show up well in this picture though!
A collection of 1930/40's reproduction prints. I really like the big red rickrack too!

I carry it with me and hand quilt, in the car, doctors office and etc. Remember I'm a Folk Artist so I don't have to worry about rules! Ha! ha!

The Cottage Garden is profuse with spring flowers this year!

I decided to transplant some of the grape hyacinths down in the Blue Bottle Garden in back of the house. Hopefully they'll  do as well there!

Another View!

And Another!

Great Grandson decided it was time to do some Spring Training with Grandpa! Of Course Tasha was right there ready to catch the ball too!

Grandpa made sure they used a ball he could hit!

I posted this old picture on Facebook at Easter time and ask the girls if they remembered?  They did! One granddaughter said she named her's Oreo. can you guess which one that was?
This is a portion of my "Easter in the '50's" painting showing my family and my husbands family going to our home church in K.C., Mo. I'm in the brown and white polka dot dress, sister Judy in the blue dotted swiss.

I always take an Easter and Christmas picture of our little pre-school choir at church. They are so precious!

After a very nontraditional Easter Family Dinner at Bob Evans Maurice and I enjoyed our favorite pastime at Barnes & Noble. 

Looking at "My Roadside Garden" painting I was remembering how pretty and how much work it was! Now days we just have Pampas Grass along the rail fence. That still requires some work to trim back each year but not neatly as much as before.  Hope your enjoying your days too! You might enjoy my second blog also: www.mcreatesdaily.blogspot.com

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  1. Oh, how I love that 50s Easter painting!
    And Gary and I do the Barnes and Noble thing, too...
    The preschoolers are adorable! Especially the little girl holding her face in her hands.
    (I'm always SO excited to see what's new in Precious Cottagee. Love it when you post.)