Sunday, March 24, 2013


These pictures are determined to show up out of order!  Sweet display in bathroom.

Another view of the bath.

Everywhere You look there are interesting glimpses of Judy's childhood!
She is an avid Thrift Store Shopper and finds precious children's clothes to display as well as clothes for herself!
Judy loves her dolls! I surprised her with this one one year.

Years ago we had a couple of booths at a thriving Antique Mall. Judy was always finding more porcelain ladies for her collection

Made these wooden figures for her one year for Christmas or Birthday. The little clothes she has hanging are actually hers and her husbands little girl and boy clothes!

Judy loves children's tea sets and dishes. So one year I created this little cabinet for part of her collection.

Her bathrooms are just as charming as all the other rooms in her house!

She uses her large collection of crocheted hearts to display her rhinestone pins

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


"The Baptist Children Home Quilters" We gathered the last 12 weeks of our quilts for a farewell look before all 26 of them headed off to Warsaw, Mo. Some of our other quilters make quilts also  Shown in the picture from left. to right are Marlynne (me), Maxine and good friend Rose Marie..
Inspiration for my yearly Geranium Painting. Geraniums are about my favorite flower, but Nasturtiums are right up there too! Can you tell Red and Yellow are my favorite colors!

I keep geraniums all  through the winter, but this year was not a good one for them. So I was on the look out for some plants to take pictures of and when we went to eat at "Sweet Tomatoes" last week there they were! I have the empty frame hanging in the dining room just waiting for the painting!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This little 12"X12" HOUSE QUILT BLOCK  IS MY artist rendition of my CHILDHOOD HOME of the '50's in  Kansas City, Mo.  Many Summers days were spent on that porch. From a summer long Monopoly game to moving the sewing machine out there and creating  school clothes for the new school year!
This little  LOG HOUSE Quilt Block features an "Add-On"to make room for the family!

I just couldn't resist these quaint little bags of flower and vegetable seeds.  After I plant the seeds I will feature the packages on one of my Art Journal pages, won't that make a fun page?

The clerk ask if I actually plant all these seeds in stead of buying the plants? I said I do, I don't always have too good of luck with them, but I love the act of doing it!  Of course I buy plants too! I've started them on top of the refrigerator at times  and once made one bedroom a starter room with low hanging grow lights over a bed!

My newest book of inspiration!

 My Latest painting  I call "Spring Returns" displayed in the snow that we still have on the ground!
Hope you'll come see my other blog: and wwwMarlynneSnareFolkArtist facebook     Happy Creating!     P.S. Next weeks post will finish Sister Judy's house featuring the Bedrooms and Bath