Saturday, August 29, 2015


We had The Mauve Room at Bunny's Bed & Breakfast

Bunny fixed a delicious breakfast!

All 5 bedrooms were occupied!

Yum! She gave me a copy of her yummy coffee cake!

Getting ready  to leave for the show: "Driving Miss Daisy" at  The Lyceum.

On the porch before the show.

Good picture of the building! It was originally a Baptist Church!

Here we are!

Sister Judy looking Beautiful!

Love this old Log Cabin House!

Judy getting her picture too!

We really enjoyed the porch at the B & B. Especially at 5:30 in the a.m.! Yes in the dark! My sister is a Early Riser!

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Our great grandson, Eli and my favorite game right now "Go Fish"!

What a treat to have my dear friend Rose Marie out for lunch and a good visit. It had been about 2 years so she found a lot of new/old things to look at! She's down on her knees for a look here!

Friend Sandy has made a darling cloth book for her new grandson. I took pictures of the inside too, but they disappeared! Oh My!

Friend Betty Flatt and I are still making "Huggy" Quilts for the Children's Home on Wednesday mornings at Church. I had a picture of her here to post too, but alas, it decided to disappear on me too!!

Of course you can't go wrong in K.C.,Mo with a Chief's Quilt!

A little view outside the back door!

We have another Great Grandson on the way! So got out my supply of Folksy Animal Blocks out for another Wall Hanging!

Sister Judy and I enjoyed a few days creating a week ago.

She brought down a darling little girls skirt and we turned it into a beautiful pillow for her sparkly word pins!

She also created her own "Judy" fabric picture.

Cute! All ready to set on her Sewing Shelf! Happy Summer Everyone!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


It's really been hot! Requiring a lot of watering!

Our youngest grandson, Davey has been spending some time with us thus summer. Grandpa is teaching him how to drive like he has all his grandkids and some nieces and nephews, and even his wife about 60 years ago!

I've been transplanting ivy into the shady areas of my  "Blue Bottle Garden"

And transplanting hostas and grasses and adding some yard color!

It's fun to see the transformation!

Well we finally got a good rain about dinner time!

So Maurice suggested we enjoy the rain and have dinner on the back porch!

Here he is enjoying corn on the cob and tomatoes from his little garden.

It's been so hectic around here with lots of grandkids (Which has been great for a change though!) and Bible School too!  So  I hadn't got to paint much,but   decided the other day I was goin for it  A fun self portrait!

My grandson said call it "Goddess of the Heavens" but  I thought that a little much!!   So for now it's called "MARLYNNE IN ANOTHER LIFE" Hope your enjoying your days!