Wednesday, January 27, 2016


And oh "The Miss Read Books" my all time favorites! Hadn't read this one before!

I enjoyed this book so much! Thee book and the snow encouraged me to do two new Redbird Paintings!.                     

These are written by the seasons. So I re-read them in the current season!

I Love Love Love Gladys Taber Books! This book  is written monthly  so it gets re-read  monthly!

I just finished Jan's "Come Rain Come Shine" and loved it! This is the book before that which I'm thinking I read but not for sure yet!

Loved Loved the Notebook! Can't remember whether I read this or not! Oh well a second time is fun too!

I will never forget "The Shell Seekers"  I haven't read this yet, but soon!

This is my favorite magazine! The next issue is out the first week of February

And reading the Spring Seed Catalogs on the computer! . Have to have these Nasturtiums for sure!

Love these "Happy Girls" in the garden and in my salads! Hope you worked in some reading too! I was sick for about a week so this was my bonus!  Happy Reading Friends! You might enjoy my other blog also:

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Little 5'x5' Pansy Painting! My new choice of canvas for 2016!
 Violets-  My February Birthday Flower. Mother bought this box of soaps years ago for my Birthday. It is one of my very favorite things from her.
Darling little Thimble Dolls from Avon. I believe sister  Judy found these for me.

Darling little lace hat with Pansy card made for me by friend Hope years ago.

I love old flower corsages and millinery flowers

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I had fun recently sneaking around Judy's house taking pictures while she was resting recovering from surgery!  This is her cute little reading corner in the kitchen.

 She loves her collection of white stoneware and displays it here and in the family room.
Judy has little candles all over the house

We love our collections and this china cabinet is great for displaying some of hers!

This pretty old buffet  with part of her hat collection sits in the living room.

She had this old family trunk refinished years ago and uses it as a coffee table in front of her sofa.

Mother & Daddy bought this piano for us girls  to use while we were still in school.

Judy is great at displaying her treasures!

Beautiful Sparkly pins!

Her Family Room is decorated in bright happy colors. With lots of Raggedys too!

She is always finding something fun to display in this room!!

 We both love this old print by Floyd Newkirk!
Judy recently got this cute heater for her family room. It not only puts out the heat but has the flame of a fireplace too! She enjoys it especially in the early mornings while she has her coffee in her recliner.

The sun was coming in so bright I didn't capture this cozy sleeping area the way it really looks!

Her cross collection on the front door off of their old home! That's another story in it's self!

More pretty bright color!

Judy has been fortunate to gather quite a collection of this beautiful polish pottery!

I brought our dog Tasha ( in front) with me since I was staying for awhile and she had fun with Judy's dog Victoria. But I sure couldn't get a good picture of the two of them together! Hope all is well in your world right now too! You might enjoy my second blog:  also.