Saturday, December 23, 2017


Considered using this as my Christmas  Card this year.

But decided on this one of our church; The First Baptist Church of Archie, Mo since 1976 instead.

New Dog "Toto"

Got painted! 5"X7"

And our son, Paul and Companion Tracee.

Didn't escape the paintbrush either!

A memory painting of when our youngest grandson Davey was small about 15 years ago. And our dog Chopin demolished his newly made snowman!

Our Great grandson got measured a couple of weeks ago and he had grown about 1 1/2" since the last time!

Our little Sunday School kids getting ready to sing their Christmas songs during Fellowship time. I was at the piano. Friend Karen and I have been teaching the 4 & 5yr old's for about  35+ years!

"Sir Frosty" was born a couple of nights ago.  Sheet, Paint, Felt, Material and Buttons brought him alive to enjoy this winter and hopefully snow soon

I had fun surprising 4 of my Facebook friends with little 5"x7" paintings.

The words Holy Bible were made plainer after I  took this picture!

This painting went out of the U.S.A. so probably won't get there till after Christmas!

This friend has two Siamese Cats.

Each friend got a pinwheel garland too. The packaged one contains a blue & white one!.

Sister Judy and I enjoyed several Shops and Malls decorated for Christmas earlier in the month. Always fun!

We were able to have out annual Christmas Parties this year. This is our Church Choir minus several regulars!

Our T.O.P.S. group.


And Sorority. (Beta Sigma Phi)

Out dogs sure enjoy each other!

They are a Good Match!

Another year 62 year of marriage to be exact! We are so blessed and so grateful!

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Kitchen Counter  Display. I added the red jingle bells this year

Husband Maurice starting the day in the books.

Thanksgiving Day. Thankful to have a gathering down here at the farm again after several years absence. We use to have 20-24 family members but sadly times have changed.

I always enjoy my Mrs Claus in the kitchen at Christmas Time!

I decided to keep all my Santa stuff in the back part of the house this year and my Nativity Jesus's Birthday in the front part of the house. So my 30 years of making Santa's is displayed in the kitchen this year, and this will probably be it's place from now on.

The shelf above.

We found this little Indian Nativity years ago  while on vacation in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was up on a shelf and had been forgotten,  they didn't even know the price of it. But I finally insisted I wanted it! So we agreed on a price and I came home with it!

Our little red lighted kitchen Christmas Tree is another favorite of mine!

I found this old piece of poinsettia  fabric years ago and decided it would make a chair throw. I really like it!

This was sister Judy's Birthday Present this year. I had a picture of Judy holding this picture right before this but the computer decided to erase it. I don't know how to get them back when that happens!

This is Victoria with her Halloween Scarf on.

Our middle son Phil would have been 58 yrs. old  Nov.. 30.

After making several Fall/Halloween Pinwheel/Button Trees I decided it would be fun to do a Christmas one too.

Looks kind of neat on my Red Spool Wall Shelf

We have been adopted by this little white dog that showed up several weeks ago. He and our  dog Tasha have become quite pals. So now we have Tasha & Toto!

This is a better picture of Toto.  Sorry to be so tardy with my post this time. I've been really busy making Christmas gifts. Hope you are enjoying the season too! My second post shows them @

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Painted my old Lard Bucket full of fall flowers and leaves. A sorority sister gave me the bucket years ago.

Here is what it looks like.  It is normally on the kitchen table, but the picture took better out on the porch

I'm enjoying visiting Mitford again with Jan Karon's newest book. A blog friend told me about another series of books similar in feel  by Ann B. Ross, called Miss Julie Novels. There are 18 of them with another one out soon. Will check them out next!. I want to read Chip Gaines new book too!

Maurice got the idea of a birthday card he wanted me to make for sister-in -law Shirley and brother Lee.

Decided I wanted to make a Folk Art Fabric picture to Frame. I'm still working on it, but it won't take long now. I will look for a frame at the thrift store with sister Judy Fri and Sat.

Still need to embroidery stems

And add a few more words.

Having Fun making Christmas Tree blocks for gift Table Runners and maybe a quilt for me.

Poor Tasha! Had to get a picture of her for my painting for the art show.

"Tasha in Disgrace"

My second entry was "Awesome" (Total Eclipse 2017)

I'n the only Folk Artist in our Art League or the show. So it's hard to win a ribbon. But it has happened!

"Maurice's Purple Phlox"  I was painting a vase of white phlox, my favorite, and Maurice kept bringing in a purple one and putting it in a glass on the table. So I said O.K. this painting is for you! Hope your enjoying the weather!  Comev visit my 2nd blog too:  Blessings!