Sunday, July 16, 2017


Got two new/old wall shelves recently. Maurice put them up for me today. I'm anxious to feature my fabric art collections on each of them!

Both of them are in the pool room ( which is also part of my art studio)

Whenever Maurice and I are dressed in similar colors I have somebody take a picture of us. This is the 4th of July Sunday outside Church.

My latest 2 Bohemian Paintings for display. This is "Confetti Rose"

And  Bohemian Floral #2 "Sunflowers".

Maurice loves the fragrance of Phlox and Lilacs. So he usually brings a cutting in for his place at the table to enjoy!

Here is our new "Brick Coffee House " on the Harrisonville Square. Notice the old brick streets. This is a delightful addition to the town. I have a few art pieces displayed in there also.

This is a picture of our youngest son John. He would have been 56 on the 7th of July.

And here is the Birthday Dinner Celebration for out oldest son Paul and grandson Eli.

Sure proud of him! He's outgrown us for sure!

Part of the summer patriotic decorations in the kitchen!

One of my Blog Friends recently purchased these Queen & Princess Boards

And being a Boston Terrier Momma she wanted these 2 boards also!

Here's my 2 Birthday Boys 6 and 60! Wow!

My Cottage Garden is growing profusely! But I can't get in to weed it till Maurice has a chance to get the Poison Ivy killed out! I'm deathly allergic to it!!

I love growing Coleus they always make a colorful showing! Hope your enjoying your days to come  on bye and visit my other blog too I think you'll like it! :

Friday, June 23, 2017


The cover of  "Little Davey's Humor" handmade booklet that I made to give to now 16 yr old Davey on our trip.

I had planned on typing the words before we left, but ran out of time!

So hand wrote it while traveling. Double trouble, as my handwriting is not good anyway and traveling didn't help either!

The back cover.

As some of you know Davey is recovering from an incident where he lost an eye and for now hearing in one ear and breathing out of one nostril. He is making great strides with his memory and physical therapy. We are so encouraged!!

Our grand daughter Tyler is a Deputy Sheriff at the jail there. She gave us a very interesting tour while visiting!

This is Jake and Tyler's home where we stayed for 4 nights.
And their two doggie children; Goob (sp?) & Tuna.

Here's grandpa lamenting over  leaving his former old green van. Now sporting new Idaho license plates!

Here's all of our Utah/ Idaho family enjoying at late lunch at the Texas Roadhouse. On the left is granddaughter Cassie, Tyler is holding her son Liam. Cassie's husband was at work.  Then on left Davey and his mother Grace and then Granddaughter Michail. Back on right me and Maurice, Jake  Tyler's husband, Tyler & Liam.

This is Cassie & Steven's home in Utah where we stayed one night.

Little Liam eventually warmed up to us!

Here we are with our oldest grandson Aaron and his fiancee Montana. they are making plans to move to Indiana in September which will be a lot closer!

We were standing in front of this neat old wood cook stove !

I always take along handwork for the long days of travel. This time I recovered and embellished thrift store stuffed toys!

Didn't get as much "junking time" this trip, but found a few treasures!

A neat old Jan Karon audio book, which of course Maurice was not interested in listening too!

And my first Narnia book! Really enjoying it!

And a long piece of gorgeous tapestry. which I have already painted into one of my Bohemian Floral paintings!

The day before we left town we celebrate Maurice's 81's birthday and fathers day with Son Paul and his partner Tracee and the rest of our K.C.Mo, family.

On right, Maurice, my sister Judy and me. Then on left back to front, granddaughter Jackie, her son Eli  Paul & Tracee. We enjoyed a lunch at the Olive Garden.

Pa Pa & Eli.

I painted this for sister Judy's new Bohemian Garden Room.

Here she is with her coffee early in the morning enjoying the atmosphere!

The lights add to the enchantment!  She is adding and changing things daily!

This fascinating huge sculpture was at a Road Stop on the way home!  We drove 3,100+ miles!! Long and hard trip but worth it to be with our family again!  God Bess You All!

Saturday, May 27, 2017


We've been dealing with really bad "colds" and a heart wrenching  family incident, and a broken computer all contributing to my long absence from my blogs! But the good news is sister Judy's Cancer is diminishing! The treatment is working, giving us a new lease on life! So we are getting back to a dream she has had for a long time! Partly enclosing her patio, and making it into a "Bohemian Fantasy" for outdoor living! 

This gorgeous skirt is inspiring the colors!

I took several pictures because it is inspiring me to do some  "Bohemian Floral Paintings too!

Could easily end up a series of Bohemian Florals!

We enjoyed our Beta Sigma Phi Secret Sister Luncheon last week on  Carols enclosed porch!

The gift of choice seemed to be outdoor flowers!

I was on the same wave lenght with my floral painting made for my secret sister accompanying a Cato Gift Card.

My newest Pool Table Setting!

Sweet Friend Robin brought over a mini quilt she made to cheer us up!  It looks so cute in my newly changed pool table display above too!

We sent this picture to try and cheer up Grandson Davey in Idaho! Tasha sure was  puzzled with Dad's bandana!

I'm having fun this year creating "Garden Totems" with flowerpots. Not cemented together just stacked for easy dismantling!

This is the "Summer Display Kitchen Shelves"  Will probably add Uncle Sams later!  Hope your Summer or Fall is going well. God Bless All Of You!. You might check out my second blog for some different fun!