The Story of the Cottage

In 1987 my husband Maurice built us a one room cabin  to use as a get-away place from the city. He made 4X8ft. openings on all sides with hinged sheets of plywood which we let down when using and closed when not. The openings were covered with screen wire. It had one door in the front. we had a kerosene  camp stove and lantern, ice chest, beds, table & chairs. We never planned on moving down on the 10 acres which Aunt Cora had given us when her 340 acres sold. But in 1975 we decided to build a house on the land and leave the city for ever!   During that time the cabin was used  2 -4 days  a week. We moved down into our new Ranch Style home in May of 1976. We just had insulation on the walls no sheet rock yet!  As we got established we decided to use the cabin as a milk barn then through the years it had many uses such as chicken house, pig house, and also sheep and turkeys.     But after we saw our adult son, John would be living at home , disabled from an accident in 1981 we disinfected it & made it into a bachelors pad. It was rather crude ,but he was happy living there until he required  a permanent health care facility.  The cabin sat vacant until our older son Paul  and family decided to move back from Montana to be closer to us. They lived in the cabin until  finding a job and house.  The little cabin became vacant again.     I had been having some thoughts about making it into a little place of my own , so at this time I got brave and announced now it's my turn!   After some pleading my case!,  I had a young man from church come out and put in some cute little  windows and doors from an old church I had been storing up and do some extra wiring and hang some neat chandeliers. In the meantime I was painting everything and landscaping outside.  Then my sister Judy and I started decorating, buying beautiful oriental rugs for the floors and  furniture and accessories all from Thrift Stores. It just looked precious! And every time I entered it I'd Say, "Hi you precious cottage!   Thru the years I've had many parties, sleep overs, card games, tours and Sorority Meetings in the Precious Cottage!  So of course the name for my new blog just had to be Precious Cottage. I have painted Thomas Kincaid's quote  above the shelf over the sofa. "Find  your place of retreat your little corner of peace"  --I have.


  1. Oh Marlynne how lovely to have all those great memories.
    I hope you enjoy many more years in your very own"precious cottage"
    Laura x

  2. I love that cottage, Grandma. I'm so glad you have your special little place the way you want it, now. :) I love you!

  3. I just read the story about the Cottage, don't know why I never noticed that before, great history you little cottage has. Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs Marilou

  4. Love this story, how wonderful! And I just love the way the little cottage has been kind of a ministry to others. Thanks for sharing!