Sunday, July 30, 2017


Adorable Doll Clothes Display on a clothes line at Brass Armadillo.

Our Favorite Antique Mall right now! Brass Armadillo at 1450 Golfview Drive in Grain Valley, Mo.( I-70E to Adams Dairy Parkway Exit -right to Coronado St turn Left on Coronado -go quite a ways Brass Armadillo on left)

I just had to buy this little old girl sock doll for my old little boy treasure sister Judy got me years ago. Every body needs a friend! Don't they look content!

An adorable little embroidered pillow!

Here's the latest picture of sister Judy's precious enclosed patio. Her Bohemian Garden Room.

Judy patiently waiting while we tried to make a copy at Walgreen's of the above patio picture

This is my latest Bohemian painting  "White Phlox"


And "Purple Phlox" one of Maurice's favorite flowers. Lilacs being #1!

Another Garden Totem.

My good friend, Karen made this Precious "Vintage Farm Girl Quilt" and brought it to share at Quilting last week! Love It!

Here's a close-up.

I've cut out 4 of these butterflies to paint and polka-dot for my Folk Art Garden. They will land on the three sections of picked fence. I have a red one with yellow polka dots out there all ready! Hope your enjoying your summer. Come visit my other blog too at:

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Got two new/old wall shelves recently. Maurice put them up for me today. I'm anxious to feature my fabric art collections on each of them!

Both of them are in the pool room ( which is also part of my art studio)

Whenever Maurice and I are dressed in similar colors I have somebody take a picture of us. This is the 4th of July Sunday outside Church.

My latest 2 Bohemian Paintings for display. This is "Confetti Rose"

And  Bohemian Floral #2 "Sunflowers".

Maurice loves the fragrance of Phlox and Lilacs. So he usually brings a cutting in for his place at the table to enjoy!

Here is our new "Brick Coffee House " on the Harrisonville Square. Notice the old brick streets. This is a delightful addition to the town. I have a few art pieces displayed in there also.

This is a picture of our youngest son John. He would have been 56 on the 7th of July.

And here is the Birthday Dinner Celebration for out oldest son Paul and grandson Eli.

Sure proud of him! He's outgrown us for sure!

Part of the summer patriotic decorations in the kitchen!

One of my Blog Friends recently purchased these Queen & Princess Boards

And being a Boston Terrier Momma she wanted these 2 boards also!

Here's my 2 Birthday Boys 6 and 60! Wow!

My Cottage Garden is growing profusely! But I can't get in to weed it till Maurice has a chance to get the Poison Ivy killed out! I'm deathly allergic to it!!

I love growing Coleus they always make a colorful showing! Hope your enjoying your days to come  on bye and visit my other blog too I think you'll like it! :