Monday, December 28, 2015


Maurice's childhood friend recently posted a picture of him and his grandson who was like 7ft.! So Maurice wanted me to do the same thing with our tallest. Well It just didn't have the same impact so they tried some humor!
Our Christmas Gathering was much smaller this year than years past. But we still enjoyed our time together with Grandson Aaron and Salena and Doggie Squirt from Montana, Son Paul and Grandson Davey from Overland Park, Kansas and Grnd Daughter Jackie and Grt. Grandson Eli and of course our doggie Tasha. We ended up seeing some of the extended family through the holidays as my sister Judy was hospitalized and some of the family was there.

Eli had so many gifts to open we decided to hid his bike for last

It was a little tall and frightening!

But along with a little help he got on a took off!

Maurice has had to fill the bird feeder every 3 days, now with the snow more often!

He just leaves the step ladder out .

One of my creative projects for the new year is painting small canvass paintings. I got some canvasses for half price and will get more next time I'm in Overland Park. Ks.  My wish for all my Blog Friends is  A Very Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling New Year for You and Yours!  You might also enjoy my 2nd blog at

Thursday, December 3, 2015


41st Year for Homemade Christmas Cards!
We added Icicle Lights this year

The Toy Soldiers are back  on guard !
This years Christmas Painting for our cards.

225 of these in the process of being done!

My Xi Iota Sigma Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi posing for our Christmas Picture

I was sharing my clock story with a blog friend earlier: This clock hung in the fellowship/gym area of my home church for as long as I could remember. Then a young boys Sunday School Class started using it to store their pencils in.After I married I decided to ask the Church officials if I could maybe buy it as a keepsake for our home. They said ask the boys  teacher if it was O.K. with them I could have it!  He said get us something to store our pencils in then you can have it! So I decided to make them a replicate out of a cigar box! He was happy and so was I! That was bout 60 years ago., and it has chimed  in our home every since!

This is the picture of our church like it looked then.

We were the target of some unkind treatment this last weekend!

The tables have transformed from Thanksgiving to Christmas! I love my collection of Jim Shore Santa's given to me as gift thru the years by my  friend Karen Grimes. Hope you are enjoying decorating and entertaining too!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!" ( sister judy's birthday trip)

Some of my fun treasures from the trip!

I'm going to plant some herbs in these pans out in the back garden next year.

Really like these earrings I got at "Ginsey Rose" in St Charles, Mo.

Aren't these a precious two?

I'm anxious to get these "Chandelier Lights" on the front porch this year!

My page in the Adult Coloring book for this trip. Sister Judy's is pictured in my 2nd
We found this very neat Antique Barn on the way home in Truesdale, Mo. (Warrenton Exit 193)

Such cute kitchen cupboards!

Really neat old church!

Old St. Charles by the Missouri River. Really a fun picturesque place to shop and eat! St. Charles was where the first Capital of Missouri was located until 1917 when the present build was erected in Jefferson City


Sister Judy and I had fun a couple of mornings trying to work on our crochet kits in the Lobby of Comfort Suites

This cute Cupboard was in a cafe we ate at on the way home.

We also colored in our Adult Coloring Books and played cards in the breakfast room at the Motel after hours.

Judy taking a picture of The Missouri State Capital in Jefferson City. It's an impressive building

There she is in all her GLORY!

I have out tree up and am working on the rest of the house inside and out. I like to have it pretty well done by Thanksgiving for the family. Then the first of the parties is Dec. 1 this year.

Wee still use some bubble lights on the tree too!

I was in charge of decorating the pulpit table at church for November. I used my recent God's Handiwork painting as the background.

Our Church had a service to honor the deacons who had become Deacon Emeritus this past year. Maurice is one after 30 years of service.

We also ordained 2 fine young men as deacons. They are pictured on the front role on each side of out pastor. Maurice is on the second role first on the left.

Our "G0-G0 GIRLS" celebrated the last quarter birthdays with an outing to Olathe, Kans to the Christmas Surplus Store and then fun lunch in Martin City at our favorite barbecue place "Jack Stack". Blessings on You thru this Holiday Season!  Hope you'll check out my other blog too at

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I discovered this most beautiful tree of the trip while taking a morning walk at Nita's (sister-in-law of neighbor Hope who went on the trip with us)

Husband Maurice discovered this bank of "Flaming Bushes" and said; "That's surely worthy of a picture for your blog"! I agreed!

Time and place for "not so good" photo shots!

The wind was blowing and the leaves were falling!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Refrigerator Art for the Season. I adore thrs little picture of Eli with a bo- bo! Tis the season!

The latest Art work to Kurzweils in Garden City.

My neighbors have written and illustrated 3 more darling books!

They mat be children's books, but I adore them!

This book makes me thinks of a story I wrote once for our "Baby Jesus in the Woods" celebration.

Maurice and I had early Nursery this morning!

With 6 kids (2 sets of twins) we earned our keep! P.S. They thought it would be fun to all cram in the play pen for a picture!

Friends Karen and Randy sent us home with some fall decorations last week!

Was driving down the road the other day and caught a glimpses of this car. I had to go back around the block for a second look and picture! It's the kind of thing I put in my Folk Art Town Paintings!

The owner was sitting on the porch so learned they had just moved here and were decorating in their patriotic style

They were in the process of building and painting the picket fence. So Cute!

Just finished this terrific book! If you've ever heard her radio show you will want to read it for sure! Even if you haven't It's great reading!!