Thursday, March 8, 2018


Other than a little blown in rain, snow and leaves Judy's Precious Porch is weathering  the winter fine!

She is sure anxious for warmer spring weather so she can enjoy it!

Judy found this angel recently and it looks perfect attached to  the mirror.

We've had a lot of fun working on puzzles on the weekend early mornings or before bed. Finished this Victorian Christmas tree last weekend. Too bad it's not a good picture because the puzzle was beautiful!
Judy's darling little Spring/Easter bench shelf in the kitchen

She has a collection of fun bright colors and polka-dot boots. These will probably  be full of spring flowers when I go back up tomorrow.

These chairs, pillows and flowers are new thrift store finds for spring.

The wind has been here!

We paint rocks for Raytown Rocks on some weekends then Judy hides them. She finds a lot of them too!

This is where she hid the second one last weekend.

"The New Dime Store" on 63rd St in Brookside Area K.C.,Mo is a delightful shopping experience! It still has the wooden floors! It was "The Dime Store" when we lived close bye (1965-1976)

It has some of almost everything!

Note the old wooden floors! Hope your getting out some and enjoying the pretty days too! Also:mcreatesdaily.blogspot,com

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Sister Judy and I moved to the perfect table to enjoy a cup of coffee while shopping at Brass Armadillo our favorite  Antique Mall

This said Folk Art for sure!

I am redesigning a wall in my art studio/pool room so have been gathering some cute little shelves. This one I will paint shiny red!

I will leave this little jewel white!

Will probably hang this  very old one up and down the tall way.

Bought the last 1 1/3 yards of the bolt yesterday to make a ruffle for the front of the 8 ft shelf Maurice is putting up for me on this wall level with the top of the door

A friend at church gave me a book marker with a few of these kind of beads on it, and the information about them. I liked them so much and the work it is providing the Haiti woman, that I order 200 of them. They are lovely! I will use them in my craft projects.

I also ordered some more Sari Ribbon.

Old buttons 50 cents a card.  Add hand dyed ribbon.

My old Yellow Chicken now has a friend! $4.00.

Interesting newspaper folded bird and heart. I will use it as a pattern and inspiration for more birds, probably fabric.

Chicken Folk Art Carving which needs a little paint on broken beak $1.00.

I love doilies! This star one is neat. $2.00

I enjoy patriotic items and this was super cheap!

Sorry!  Hope you all are escaping the flu!

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Considered using this as my Christmas  Card this year.

But decided on this one of our church; The First Baptist Church of Archie, Mo since 1976 instead.

New Dog "Toto"

Got painted! 5"X7"

And our son, Paul and Companion Tracee.

Didn't escape the paintbrush either!

A memory painting of when our youngest grandson Davey was small about 15 years ago. And our dog Chopin demolished his newly made snowman!

Our Great grandson got measured a couple of weeks ago and he had grown about 1 1/2" since the last time!

Our little Sunday School kids getting ready to sing their Christmas songs during Fellowship time. I was at the piano. Friend Karen and I have been teaching the 4 & 5yr old's for about  35+ years!

"Sir Frosty" was born a couple of nights ago.  Sheet, Paint, Felt, Material and Buttons brought him alive to enjoy this winter and hopefully snow soon

I had fun surprising 4 of my Facebook friends with little 5"x7" paintings.

The words Holy Bible were made plainer after I  took this picture!

This painting went out of the U.S.A. so probably won't get there till after Christmas!

This friend has two Siamese Cats.

Each friend got a pinwheel garland too. The packaged one contains a blue & white one!.

Sister Judy and I enjoyed several Shops and Malls decorated for Christmas earlier in the month. Always fun!

We were able to have out annual Christmas Parties this year. This is our Church Choir minus several regulars!

Our T.O.P.S. group.


And Sorority. (Beta Sigma Phi)

Out dogs sure enjoy each other!

They are a Good Match!

Another year 62 year of marriage to be exact! We are so blessed and so grateful!