Tuesday, February 16, 2016


 I bought this set of old books from a Catholic Thrift Store Years ago and have enjoyed reading them thru the years.

My little trio of porcelain kitties watch over us in our bedroom.

This Needlepoint Pillow is one of my favorite Violet pieces I forgot to picture last post!

Love this vase! It hangs on our picture gallery wall in the bedroom.

This is little Marlynne probably 77 years ago! Ouch!

I found this little violet pin dish years ago at an  Estate Sale

Neighbor and friend Hope gave me these years ago for my birthday.

I knew I wanted to use a small piece of this beautiful material sister Judy gave me for book markers.

So I got busy the other night and...

Made them!

Victoria, sister Judy's doggy is visiting us for a few days. But after a vigorous romp and walk....

She and Tasha are ready for a "Lay Down" Hope you are enjoying your days too! Spring is just 333 days away! Yeah! You might enjoy my other blog also: wwwmcreatesdaily.blogspot.com  Blessings!

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  1. I love it that you're counting the days 'til spring! Though I don't like them growing in the lawn itself, wild violets are one of my favorite things about spring. I've been known to dig them out of the yard and cultivate them in flower beds.
    As usual, I love peeking at all the lovelies in your home. My favorites from THIS one just might be the books from Catholic Thrift ♥