Saturday, April 30, 2016


2016 Archie, Mo. Beta Sigma Phi Founders Day Dinner at the Lovely Farm Home of Cricket Kroneke.

Norma Keltner on left and Cricket Kroneke; best friends prepared and served our delicious gourmet meal.
I shared the story of the historical painting "O'er the Land of the Free"by Sidney Moore before we said The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Cricket has such a lovely home. We sure enjoyed  viewing it all before our meal.

Our faithful servers were on duty again for our Annual Woman's Tea at Church. Husband Maurice is in the middle.

The theme was The Promise-The Rainbow so each table was a color of the rainbow

Lovely Ladies!

My new Clematis plant.

Decided to do a painting of lavish clematis vines at the recent workshop.

I've been wanting a chartreuse hosta  so got one this year. I went back to get another but the line was so long I decided to go back on a day other than Saturday!

I've had fun making more curtain swags for the blue garden. Also got a bag of crystal prisms at a garage sale and have had fun hanging them from fine wire in the garden. You can see some  hanging on the lamp.

Have had several friends with Birthdays recently so have sent this greeting painted a few years back to them by  e-mail

I'm enjoying this little bright spot by the entrance to the back porch

Found these neat colorful flowers at the Garden City Thrift Store recently.

"The Go Go Girls + One" enjoying taking out a longtime friend for lunch  to celebrate her Birthday recently.

My newest Folk Art Town Spring Painting. Hope you are enjoying Spring Time where you are too! Might enjoy my second blog also:

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Precious little Scholastic book for 25cents from the thrift store!  Cute reading!

Have hung out my Curtain Swag in The Blue Bottle Garden

The back part of the garden. Will be so much prettier when I can get the ferns and flowers out.

Replaced these front porch chairs with something more sturdy so they now reside in the garden.

I don't know if Eli or the wind got to my gazing ball. But for now the frog is on the throne!

I'm adding "pinks" in my garden borders too! They will come up next year too so that makes it double the fun!

Little bright spots of color now but a big mass of color soon!

I've got more can lids saved to make more of these this year. I really like how they look in the garden

Havin Fun !

Got a bag of shells for $2.00 the other day. Black Callie was right there to check them out!

Hang bottles on corks  too!

Black Baby wanted to drink my plant water (just plain water). Much better than his on the porch!

My cute chicken or bird has a new place to sit this year! You might enjoy my other blog also: