Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This quilt was made by my Paternal Grandmother Mitchell in 1914, and just recently was given to me by my Cousin Janell.  I have a close feeling towards this grandmother even though  I never knew her. She died in 1934 before I was born in 1937.  But this grandmother was creative!  She  sewed decoratively as well  practically. And she also  did China Painting.

This Wall Hanging is my latest quilting project. It is for the newest addition in our extended family, our great-granddaughter Eleanore Rose, "Ellie" who lives in Montana.

Grandson  Davey was helping me try to get the best picture!

The package was taken to the post office this morning right after we voted. I'm anxious to see what Momma and Daddy think about it! I'm sure Ellie will think it's just fine!