Monday, December 28, 2015


Maurice's childhood friend recently posted a picture of him and his grandson who was like 7ft.! So Maurice wanted me to do the same thing with our tallest. Well It just didn't have the same impact so they tried some humor!
Our Christmas Gathering was much smaller this year than years past. But we still enjoyed our time together with Grandson Aaron and Salena and Doggie Squirt from Montana, Son Paul and Grandson Davey from Overland Park, Kansas and Grnd Daughter Jackie and Grt. Grandson Eli and of course our doggie Tasha. We ended up seeing some of the extended family through the holidays as my sister Judy was hospitalized and some of the family was there.

Eli had so many gifts to open we decided to hid his bike for last

It was a little tall and frightening!

But along with a little help he got on a took off!

Maurice has had to fill the bird feeder every 3 days, now with the snow more often!

He just leaves the step ladder out .

One of my creative projects for the new year is painting small canvass paintings. I got some canvasses for half price and will get more next time I'm in Overland Park. Ks.  My wish for all my Blog Friends is  A Very Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling New Year for You and Yours!  You might also enjoy my 2nd blog at


  1. Always fun to check in here.. but glad youre on facebook as well., as Ive seemed to lose my blogging muse. Happy New Year!

  2. Ours was a quieter Christmas, too....faollowed by a few days of more than 50 extended families together in a hotel :) Happy New Year to you! I looked forward to seeing what you do with those little canvases! What a deal...