Thursday, December 3, 2015


41st Year for Homemade Christmas Cards!
We added Icicle Lights this year

The Toy Soldiers are back  on guard !
This years Christmas Painting for our cards.

225 of these in the process of being done!

My Xi Iota Sigma Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi posing for our Christmas Picture

I was sharing my clock story with a blog friend earlier: This clock hung in the fellowship/gym area of my home church for as long as I could remember. Then a young boys Sunday School Class started using it to store their pencils in.After I married I decided to ask the Church officials if I could maybe buy it as a keepsake for our home. They said ask the boys  teacher if it was O.K. with them I could have it!  He said get us something to store our pencils in then you can have it! So I decided to make them a replicate out of a cigar box! He was happy and so was I! That was bout 60 years ago., and it has chimed  in our home every since!

This is the picture of our church like it looked then.

We were the target of some unkind treatment this last weekend!

The tables have transformed from Thanksgiving to Christmas! I love my collection of Jim Shore Santa's given to me as gift thru the years by my  friend Karen Grimes. Hope you are enjoying decorating and entertaining too!


  1. What a fascinating clock story! And how I wish I were a personal friend receiving one of those homemade cards! 41 years! Impressive. I'm sorry to read about the damage to your mail box. Just the other day, I was lamenting that (around here, at least) names are no longer printed on the boxes...

  2. The Clock Story was lovely... I'm so sorry to hear of your vandalized mailbox during the Holidays, I just don't understand such wanton destruction at all. How Lovely that you've Created OOAK Hand-Made Christmas Cards for so many decades now! I was just thinking of how the exchange of Christmas Cards is slowly becoming a dying Tradition as each year less and less seem to be exchanged now that people rely on E-Cards. I still prefer receiving and sending Cards... I have one Sister-In-Law that Creates Beautiful Cards every Holiday, she's so good at it. Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian