Sunday, October 18, 2015


Refrigerator Art for the Season. I adore thrs little picture of Eli with a bo- bo! Tis the season!

The latest Art work to Kurzweils in Garden City.

My neighbors have written and illustrated 3 more darling books!

They mat be children's books, but I adore them!

This book makes me thinks of a story I wrote once for our "Baby Jesus in the Woods" celebration.

Maurice and I had early Nursery this morning!

With 6 kids (2 sets of twins) we earned our keep! P.S. They thought it would be fun to all cram in the play pen for a picture!

Friends Karen and Randy sent us home with some fall decorations last week!

Was driving down the road the other day and caught a glimpses of this car. I had to go back around the block for a second look and picture! It's the kind of thing I put in my Folk Art Town Paintings!

The owner was sitting on the porch so learned they had just moved here and were decorating in their patriotic style

They were in the process of building and painting the picket fence. So Cute!

Just finished this terrific book! If you've ever heard her radio show you will want to read it for sure! Even if you haven't It's great reading!!

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  1. So much loveliness shared in this post. Happy Fall to you and yours.