Monday, September 3, 2012


This old Hotel in our little town of Garden City, Missouri has this darling Florist which the town people use faithfully. There use to be a precious Tea Room  with antiques for sale, but times change and there is a real estate office in the other part of the building now.


  1. Gorgeous,I love the style of those old houses you have over there.
    Laura x

  2. Oh my Marlynne, I love your new cottage blog, how sweet it is and all the photos. Great job. I'm a Follower now for this one too. Thanks for stopping by, I took a little blogging break as i could not stand the heat and just didn't do much except a little creating. Hugs my friend, have a great weekend, thanks for checking on me. Marilou xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us! I will have to make a trip to check it out.

  4. i used to live in garden city. i have first hand experience of hauntings and paranormal activity. my best friend used to live in the apts there upstairs after we graduated, the last and freakiest thing that happen there back in 03 made me never return to that hotel, i would make my buddy meet me at old cedar inn or else where if we were gonna kick it...i will never go back

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