Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 I love the pretty soap boxes and containers! The Violet Soap was given to me for a birthday from Mother. She couldn't understand why I wanted that rather than a pretty blouse or something. But violets being my Feb. birthday flower, it just spoke to me! Mother has been gone for many years but I think of her often when I look at this box.
I found this set of old  books copyrighted in the late 1800's  when Mother and I stopped at a "Little Sister's of the Poor" Thrift Store yeas ago. I have read them all I believe. My favorites as I remember were" Little Miss Whirlwind"  and " Rose Mather"  Inside on  the  first page is an advertisement listing Popular Books by one of the authors  Mrs. George Shelton listing the price as 60 cents per volume
Here is my doll "Alma Jean" in a little feed sack dress Mother made for her when I was a little girl. I should say this doll is like my doll Alma Jean! The truth is Mother took care of children and somewhere along the way my doll disappeared! I said in later years if I ever saw one like my doll at an Antique Store I would have to get it. Well I did! I didn't have enough money at the time but they let me put her in lay-a-way until I got the money. So she is "My" doll as far as I'm concerned! The picture shows me with Alma Jean and my sister and her doll too along with two little friends.


  1. Hi Marlynne,I love your vintage treasures,I really like this cottage blog,it's very nostalgic.
    Thank you for removing word verification.I can now leave a stress free comment .
    Laura xx

  2. Awwwwww... I was sorry to hear you lost your other doll. I lost many a things when I was a kid, just disappearing, like you say, between one of my sisters, and even at one point a foster child my mother took care of. It doesn't feel very good when something like that happens... Oh, but I LOVE the beautiful doll you have now!!!.. And I'm so glad you found her! Makes me smile. (0: What a sweet blog this is. Glad I stopped by to see it! ~tina