Monday, September 24, 2012


"Go in Peace" above the back door shelf
I painted two paintings one of hollyhocks one roses for  the walls on each side of the table.

I have painted quotes such as "Seize The Moment"  all around the cottage above the high shelves which whole a collection of cottage memorabilia

The cozy sitting area. I escape up here some times and lay down on the sofa and read or nap.

 Have old photos of my childhood on display on the bedroom chest of drawers.

This wall hanging hold  special old calendars and cards. The large calendar is for 1937, my birth year. The medium size calendar ) above right is 1936 my husband Maurice's birth year. The smaller calendar  just above the large one is the year 1955. Our wedding year. I have kept each years calendar practically since we were married  and referred  back to them  ever so often.

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