Saturday, September 15, 2012

My pink and white dinnerware which i collected from Antique Malls and Garage Sales. We took the cabinet doors off to make it look more like a china hutch.
A fellow Artist; Marcie Vogel ; surprised me with this painting of my self and presented to me for years of service to our Harrisonville fine art association. I had this old frame just waiting for something special so it was a perfect match.
My Sorority/ Engagement picture of 1955 nestled among some pillows on the bed.
Some of my Cottage tea pots on a tiered shelf I found in Branson, The bottom one I noticed in a shop window while taking a  trolley tour in another state. I was able to find my way back walking!
Some of my treasures  on a little cabinet  in the bathroom.
Add look inside the "necessary room"
There are high shelves all around the walls in the cottage to display my collections. This in the bedroom.
 Twin beds with an old stair rail above the bed. Above the rail on the wall I  printed "Stairway To The Stars"
 I Received a Dremel one year for Christmas so used it to carve this on the lower kitchen cabinets. I also carved  "MHS  1976  MJS"  on our lower cabinets in our home.


  1. I love the tour of your treasures Marlynne, and the pink china is beautiful! Hugs Marilou

  2. Pink china is gorgeous,I like touring round your treasures too,and I love that wot- not stand with the lovely cottage teapots on.

  3. I could spend hours looking at all of your treasures, I love the painting your friend did of you with your hat on, it is lovely!