Sunday, October 7, 2012


The Monochromatic October Quilties were fun to make using cream, white and ecru material, lace, ribbon, pictures , fabric flowers and buttons. The picture was taken off of an advertisement brochure after we had. finished with it.
The gold ribbon was the back side  of an animal print. The picture was out of a magazine.

I collect snippets of lace, ribbons and miniatures from thrift stores to add to the quilties.

Layering of laces is fun! The little white satin flowers were in a small beat up bouquet at the thrift store for 50 cents.

The background fabric is actually the wrong side of a pink tapestry. We actually send 5 quilties to our leader Sandra Kaye Designs and she sends us 5 back each from a different person. But I make one for myself also, Great fun! I also belong to a Postcard Trade done the same only with paper.


  1. They are lovely,I dropped out the trade this time.
    Laura x

  2. Oh Marlynne...your quilties are just WONDERFUL!!! I love each and every many beautiful components! hugs and love, Dawn