Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Have enjoyed making seasonal garlands this year. Now it's the Spring Tulips time to shine

Tulip Garlands hanging in the two kitchen door openings also.

Tulip decorations also!

This shelf is what you see when you come in the backdoor.

I've been having a lot of fun creating little felt pincushions lately too!
Our long awaited new van.

Here we are celebrating out 62nd. Engagement Anniversary

Young Love!  You might enjoy my second blog: also although there are some duplicates by mistake.


  1. I'm SO glad to see your post! I've been missing you ♥
    The pincushions and tulip garlands are SO cheerful. I like how no two are the same...
    Not being too creative here lately (except for meal prep - which actually IS kind of a new thing for me. The creativity, I mean.)
    I'm also contemplating adding a few inches to my living room curtains. I was going to do something really funky -- attaching some mismatched fabric to the bottom -- but have decided to simply add length by rehemming and shortening the top casing part, etc. I guess the fact that I hang them faded side "in" is creative enough. :)

    1. The mismatched material would have been fun with maybe a border at the top or tieback (or both) in it too! But, we all change our minds several times before we finally get a project completed! Your added responsibilities have changed your day I'm sure! But you doing a good thing! Bless You!

  2. Love it all, you are one talented gal!

    1. Thanks Again Julie! Sure Love your posts too!