Thursday, March 23, 2017


"First Day of Spring" meant we had to get out among the flowers!

This beautiful place is "Petals and Potpourri" at 708 S.W. U.S. Hwy 40 (40 and 7 Hwy) Blue Springs?

A Decorators Delight!

Wonderful Therapy for sister Judy who is fighting cancer and me who is supporting her in all I can!

Aren't these the cutest little red and white polka dot dessert saucers?

Another thrift store treasure

My new Blue Bonnet or Blue Lupines garden flag with Othello relaxing in the blue bottle garden.

Tasha had to check things out too!

My newest stash of fat quarters at  2/$2.00 at Joann's. Yeah!


  1. How good the two of your could get out and about! What an amazing flower shop...

    I can't wait until the temps warm up a bit here and I can place a few blue bottles around OUR yard again!

    1. Yes to all of the above! Still going up to sister Judy's 2-4 days a week. Also getting ready to entertain my sorority sisters here next Tuesday. Then going to work out in the yard and plant some violas!

  2. how nice that you and your sister get to spend time together. mine are all so far away and we pretty much never see each other. we did just get the news that our mother has an untreatable tumor. And she too is far from all of us. Its hard having everyone so far apart. I havent said anything on facebook yet, because so many of the rest of our family dont know. anyways.. bla bla bla.. dont mean to go on about it here.. but you are very lucky my friend! enjoy your times together! And wow! those flowers are gorgeous! xoxo!! happy day!

  3. OMG that Flower Shop is Sublime, we have nothing like that around here! It reminds me of the Lovely Flower Shops of Europe! Judy looks Radiant, you would have never known the hardship of her battle by how Lovely and healthy she looks, you're all still in our Prayers. I'm Glad you are able to spend such Memorable Quality time together. Virtual Hugs from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian