Thursday, September 1, 2016


Decided I'd make a Fabric Garland for the Dining Room for Fall while up at Judy's this week. Then I needed to "Fallize" the table too!  I picked some of her hydrangeas and added to the garland also. They will dry a pretty sepia color eventually. 

It looks a little heavy but for fall and winter I think it will be O.K.

Close up viewof side.

Youngest Granddaughter Michail (Kale) left the Cottage for Utah this week. She had been with us for 6 months.

We have a cute Used Book Store in Harrisonville run by friend Tina. Her parents and former owners had just come to visit as I was taking pictures.

Tina has or can get almost any book you might want!

Such a Fun Place to Loose Yourself In!

Home of not only yummy meats, cheeses and salads but home to a lot of my Folk Art for sale!

"Paint The Town Red" is a new addition.

And; "A Man For All Seasons" (Ted Kennedy)

Folk Art Sign out by the Highway.

Maurice & I celebrated out 61st Wedding Anniversary Aug. 26 and my gift from Maurice was the neat fountain for my garden!

This is a poem I wrote to celebrate the occasion.


I have Fall out in the kitchen too!

Close up!

I dried some pumpkin stems last year and added them too my new fabric pumpkins that were waiting!

Last Years start of fabric pumpkins.  Hope your looking forward to Fall too! You might also enjoy my second blog:


  1. How EVER did I miss this? Belated Happy Anniversary! That date is my brother's birthday and our oldest daughter's, too. Beautiful poem. Who will be living in your cottage/cabin next??? I could definitely lose OR loose myself in that bookstore! Wow! Have a terrific week. We are getting closer to finishing our new old room. Can't wait for the dust to settle and for everything to be ready for its new occupant :)

  2. Note: Kurzweils had a fire last night! Total Loss! I will have to wait about a week to see about the condition of my paintings. I imagine there is at least smoke damage.