Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I love the colored bottle on the porch as well as in the garden!

These Corn dryers make wonderful hangers for them!

Made a small bottle tree years ago for small bottles!

I added great grandson's little outgrown Red Flyer to the Folk Art Side of my garden

Oversized Coffee Cup planter looks cute out there too, I Think!

The Butterfly Pole is sporting Heavenly Blue Morning glory Vines!   Can't wait for them to bloom!

Here is my new 61st Wedding Anniversary Gift from sweet Husband Maurice!

I enjoyed an evening collaging in my Poem Journal. Pictures are below (out of order)

I'm almost hid this early morning in my Blue Bottle Garden enjoying my Fountain, but Maurice found me!

The Glare is bad, but it was a fun project! One of my poems.

I cut out about 10 different parts of pictures to create this page about my back porch

A closer view of the fountain in the garden.

I love using these tiles from Santa Fe, New Mexico on my back porch! I outline the long plant table with them. I had a picture of the table too but it disappeared from my post! Bummer!

More Tiles!

More Favorites!

I have used some of these deigns in my paintings too!

Just Love Them!  Well it's come to the end of a perfect day! So will close for now! My second blog if interested is: www.mcreatesdailyblogspot.com  Blessings!


  1. The tiles are SO strikingly beautiful.....I love the idea of a poem journal....and the way you compiled 10 pictures to create the page about your back porch is absolutely charming! (I am in the process of very reluctantly parting with stacks of old Country Living, House Beautiful, etc. magazines. I think I'd better hold a few back!)

  2. I love the tiles. You are so talented. The journal is really interesting. I'd love a porch like that. I signed up for your emails the other day! I am following you too! I hope you can come over and visit me sometime! Have a great Thursday.

  3. You have a beautiful garden! I have a bottle tree in the garden as well. Fun view for you for sure. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Those Talavera Tiles are Gorgeous and your Garden is so lush and Green! Being a Desert Dweller we don't get a lot of that. *LOL* Of coarse since I'm a Fan of the Naturally overgrown Garden I think our HOA would frown upon my vision of an Ideal Secret Garden so perhaps it's best I can't get it so lush, huh? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian