Monday, September 5, 2016


If the weather man can say Labor Day is the last unofficial  day of summer, then I can say the day after Labor Day is the unofficial  first day of Fall, Right?

And long may it live! We were so fortunate to have a long spring for a change I hope the same thing is true for out Fall!

I got out and gave our 3 big Sunflowers a fall/folk art touch up too!

This little framed needlepoint picture was made for or by my husbands Aunt Cora years ago.  She was a school teacher all her working years. I bring it out every fall now to add to out decorations.

I always dress up a couple of my Raggedys for the holidays. Mother told me years ago that this crepe paper hat was from her school days.

Tasha out little dog is just back from her walk with husband Maurice and is taking the old baseball  parking sign to heart!

Our wreath on the back screen door.

I've been waiting for this fairy to go on sale. And it did, today Labor Day. Got it for $6.28. Yeah!

Black Callie is enjoying a little time out in the yard after a bad situation! I don't know what happened, but she ended up with a broken limp back paw and cut on her neck. She is very old and used up her 9 lives a long time ago! I keep her on the back enclosed porch at night now. Have a happy unofficial fall too!  My second blog you might enjoy is www.mcreatesdaily,  P.S. on a sad note: Kurzweilds Meat Company a favorite local location and where I have a large display of my art had a terrible fire Sat. night. It totaled the building. Most of my art is on an enclosed entry porch to the building. I imagine it is smoke damaged or more, but I can't get to it till after all the inspections are done. Probably a week. Sad for everyone involved! They are planning to build back bigger and better than ever which is good!!


  1. always fun to decorate for the change of seasons/holidays! I spent the weekend packing away summer stuff and pulling out halloween/ fall.. well.. I should just say halloween. not posting too many pics on facebook though.. most of those peeps cant handle it! lol!
    have fun!

  2. You've inspired me (as usual)! Our remodeling project is winding down - I hope. Until then, I don't have energy for much else! I WILL hang one of my autumn flags as soon as it's daylight though.

    Sorry to hear about the fire.

    And I had an Aunt Cora (great-aunt, actually). What great memories surfaced with the mention of the name :)