Monday, August 8, 2016


 I've wanted either a fountain for my blue bottle garden or a large chime for some time. So we stopped at Suburban Green House & Nursery Saturday. And this is what we came home with! Yeah!

It holds a gallon of water so hopefully will just need refilling once a week. But I will check it sooner than that for awhile!

I decided to set it on the Birdbath for height.  The sound is delightful in the garden! And I can see it from the porch but not hear it much.

Granddaughter Jackie and Grt. Grandson Eli  got moved into to the city closer to work and the school system she wanted for Eli. So that's a plus, although we will miss them being close by!

I decided I'd wear this sundress I got at the end of the season last year.

Not this way out in public, but home O.K. I guess. Hope your enjoying you summer too! God Bless You All. My second blog if interested is:

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  1. Ahhhhh, so good to see you! I'm happy you got your fountain! They DO make for a peaceful setting. I've just returned from my friends' place. They garden out in the country and had zucchini, beets, onion, a cabbage, peaches and green pepper to share with us! I'm so thankful.

    My mother died on August 1. All the arrangements and services fell into place and we are doing well. So much encouragement and support from friends. My out-of-state siblings will all be gone by tomorrow afternoon and my sister and I will continue to care for our 90 year old father who is going to be making some decisions about what to do next :) (We're selfishly hoping he'll agree to move in with us. Meanwhile we're adding closets in a main level room and remodeling our bathroom.....) Even if he chooses another path, it will be great to have it done for our OWN convenience.

    You look fabulous in your sundress. It looks cool and comfortable!