Friday, July 22, 2016


Sister Judy's Precious Cottage now a darling garden shed.

She hopes to fix the back porch up for 3 season living someday too!

RIght now the #1 goal is complete recovery from knee surgery!

Her little Sweet Victoria will sure be glad to have her back hone too!

So while I stayed up at her house nights I took some more pictures of her darling little arrangements here there and everywhere! This is one of her original baby dolls in and old rocker in the front room.

I forget the name of this mannequin, which she dresses for the seasons. She loves the green Majolica  pieces too!

Another one of her old doll babies and lots of pretty old china!

Such a pretty kitchen eating area!

Judy loves the old white stoneware especially with the green trim. Also Polish Pottery which you see some of in the china cabinet.

Eye Candy Everywhere!

Cottage Tea Set brought in from the Cottage after the snake took up residence!

Such a pretty Bed and Room too!

She has lots of pretty dresses hanging around; adult and children.

Her newest find! Avon Lady Thimbles! She even found some for me! Mother sold Avon so they have extra meaning for us!

Precious Little table setting in the bathroom

More Bathroom Finery!

Stool Glamour!

Cozy daybed in the Happy Family Room

With one of her oldest collections: Raggedy Ann's and Andy's.

Cuteness everywhere!

Another one of her original babies!


Judy has so much fun finding these darling little children's clothes  at Thrift Stores to display

She even tried her hand at crocheting this flag quilt

Family Room Window Treatment!  I think you will agree with me that sister Judy  is really good at arranging fun, happy cozy and beautiful settings for the eye to feast on! Hope you'll visit my other blog also  Blessings!


  1. O MY!! I LOVE your sister's home!! So much eye candy!! Love her style!!
    Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. Judy's garden shed is "precious" ♥
    Praying for her steady & complete recovery. I'm thinking you're having a good time together and that your company brings her much encouragement!

    1. Yes Rebecca we are good for each other! Her daughter says we are so fortunate, she will never have that!

  3. Oh my goodness! What an amazing home with all kinds of goodies bursting at the seams! Wowzers!