Saturday, September 19, 2015


These beautiful Hostas were blooming up the street from where we did a 4 day workshop last weekend.

They need to be captured in a painting some day!

While quilting at church the other day I started hearing a band then looked out the window to see The Archie High School Band going down the  middle of street!

Only in a small town!

May I introduce out newest adopted great grandson "Pietro Liam Scalzi". Called "Liam". He is so precious and long awaited for! Granddaugher Cassie and Husband (Grandson) Steven are beyond HAPPY!

Our 2 precious great grandson's  Eli and Liam.

Our son Paul," Grandpa"!

Our 3 precious boys: Grandson Davey holding great grandson Liam and great grandson Eli.

Sport Fans Mom and Dad seemed very pleased with the quilt I made for little Liam.

I was so fortunate to take a 4 day workshop with this world known impressionist artist Nancy Medina!

 The following paintings are my attempts in the impressionist style. I called this one "Stylized Poppies"

Close Up View.

"Golden Poinsettia"

I decided I will use this as the painting on my Christmas cards this year!

"Geraniums Three" I actually did this one to try out my new oil paints brushes and Lean Medium before the workshop!

"Fresh Roses""

Close Up

And lastly "Old World Dining"

I added a lady in the window shaking out her tablecloth (Ha Ha) after I got it home! It needed a little something more!

And this picture shows what Maurice did at home while I was gone!

A Winter's supply of firewood that he had worked up earlier and loaded on the wood porch while I was gone. Hope you are ready for Fall and then Winter Too!


  1. Enjoyed my visit to Precious Cottage this morning. Congratulations to all on that new "precious" child....your paintings are all wonderful. Especially the poppies....And I think YOU should paint those hosta blooms :) Ours were lovely this year, too.

  2. Hello Marlynne, I just discovered your blog today and I am having a lovely time looking through your posts. You are such a talented lady and you have a wonderful blog! Congratulations on sweet baby Liam! Blessings..Trish