Saturday, September 5, 2015


Such a bright spot of color in my back garden!

On our back entry porch

I pulled out an old mask for the scarecrow to wear this year!

Such a happy spot! I love how well red and orange go together!

Sorry! I would have washed down the back door if I'd thought!

I enjoy using these little garden flags!

Another bright spot!

We have a couple of families close that have these White Pyrenees  Sheep Dogs.

Sometimes they come visit each other

This particular morning all five of them were in the road as I was going in to Quilting. I tried to get a picture of all 5 of them but no such luck!


  1. I sure like the autumn decorations at your place! I think I'm going to wait until this patch of hot weather passes before getting mine out.....(We had a week or two of cooler weather, but its memory was quickly erased over the last few days!)

  2. Wonderful seasonal decorating and magnificent dogs.