Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I love the bright colors! Coleus and salvia  work well for me!

A good foundation!

A new addition this year. A Garage sale Find!

I really like my new banner too!

Spring and Summer Flowers!

Great Grandson Eli discover the new pot of flowers!
I like to use old things among the flowers.

This old wood stove has been around 75 yrs at least! Was used for many many years by Uncle Earl  in the original farm house on this land. Then we used it the first year after we built. And it's been out in my garden for about 35 years!

Almost anything RED turns me on!  So of course I love this birdhouse!

I'm enjoying this new garden flag also!

I always enjoy my plants on the enclosed back porch too! So Cozy!

Saw this beautiful old church earlier this month while taking part in a Plein Air Art Festival in Augusta, Mo. It was in a little village called Femme Osage

Dressed up for the  Ladies Tea at the Baptist Church in Archie, Mo last Saturday

Maurice was dressed up too as he helped serve us! Hope you are also enjoying your warm days!  I again invite you to come visit my other blog too:  and Marlynne Snare Folk Artist on facebook.


  1. I sure enjoyed the "tour" of your yard (and the sight of that charming church)! Health issues mean that most all our yard curios are still under a tarp beside our little cabin in the back. I think we'll need to be satisfied with keeping the grass mowed and trimmed this year. The extras will be few and far between, I'm afraid. I DID get the blue and green bottles out on the bottle tree, though...

  2. What a great garden full of interest and color! You have a gorgeous huge yard! I'm loving your polka dot outfit!!!


  3. Oh I Love your ensemble for the Tea!!! And I thought I'd stop by to explain why I've put everyone thru Blog Withdrawals. We've been dealing with a serious Family Emergency since returning from our weekend Mother's Day Trip to Cali. The Grandson is Hospitalized and we Pray everything will be okay. As always, your thoughts, concerns and Prayers mean so much my Friend. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian