Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Isn't this cute? This girl makes all kinds of shapes out of old quilt blocks and sells them for charities. There  was a robin, birdhouse, owl, and several others. I really liked them all ! She sprays them with starch so they hold there shape well.

I make a new pillow for my chair in the "Mamma Mia Room" in my garden each spring. I really liked this material. I think it will look good with my other blue things out there.

Great Grandson is back in Day Care now, so I'm really enjoying my quiet mornings!

Tasha is too!

Grand daughter and Great Grandson's plans to move to Utah got put on hold for awhile so we've been creating some. He loves to paint, color, draw and cut.\!

Special friend Rose Marie and I still make quilts for the Baptist Children's Home on Wednesdays at church.

Today Joy; one of the Day Care Teachers brought her class in to see the quilts. Their  letter for the day was "Q" She mentioned quilt as starting with "Q" and they didn't know what a quilt was. They called their bed coverings  blankets or comforters. So she decided this would be a good visual lesson for them.

Made another "Glam Camping" block for my studio wall  # 6. They are so fun to make and look at too!

The current "line-up"

Isn't this Crochet Thread Gorgeous? I plan to use it for decorating Journals, Prayer Flags and etc.

I'm living with my latest painting,"Glorious Spring" for awhile to see if I want to add or change anything before I   put it out there for sale.

Eli likes to try out our different shoes to see which goes with his outfit!  Happy Spring! I'm inviting you again to come visit my other blog too:


  1. I sure do like that bluebird! And SO glad the kids were educated re. Quilts! Can't think of any better than yours :) Your creativity stimulates me. I am trying to think of something creative to do in between my exercises...

  2. Well you sure have been busy! I love your glamper quilt blocks ~ so cute!

  3. Look how busy you've been. Your painting is georgous. It is wonderful that you are passing on such great skills to your great/grand children.