Saturday, March 22, 2014


Judy is a master at creating something cute out of thrift store finds! She wanted a little out of the way place to read her Bible devotions and  novels. So this is what she came up with!

Judy's husband is disabled and requires close supervision so she has to be home most of the time! She has created a very inviting environment for both of them!  Pictured with her is Victoria;  their faithful companion!

I took Judy a pot of panseys and she surprised me with this precious little red child's chair. We both like most of the same things so this was a real sacrifice to give up!

Eli our precious"little man" and his mommie Jackie our granddaughter are moving to Utah next week. So Grandpa is doing a last measuring and weighing before he leaves.

Grandpa started his measuring on the door facings with our oldest grandson in 1985, measuring neices and nephews, and the rest of our 5 grand-kids and now great grandson Eli. He had to add another board a few years ago!

What a little man! We are sure going to miss them! But they need to get on with their life now and we do too!  I feeling weepy eyed these day!

Here's what it looks like outside the barn and cottage this Sat as they are sorting and repacking! I fear alot will go to Goodwill!

MY crocus popped up on the first day of Spring to brighten my day!

Been waiting for the violas and panseys to arrive at Walmart They were waiting for me yesterday! HAPPY DAY!
For some reason this picture decided to reappear. So HAPPY BEGINNINGS AND ENDINGS TO ALL OF YOU! I invite you to visit  also


  1. What a sweet devotional corner.....(Hope she sits back in the chair and puts her feet up once in awhile). And of course you are a bit weepy. I'm sure it will be quieter around there. Your heart will go right on loving even though the space will seem real empty at first.

  2. Thank You Rebecca! I told her she needed to look for a foootstool that would slip under the chair when not in use. She liked the idea!

  3. Oh I know you are going to miss that precious Gt. Grandbaby! Thanks for coming by for some Blog Visits... your Spring Blossoms are Lovely... most of mine have already faded fast since our temps are getting closer to 90 degrees now... Spring has a very brief interlude here in the Desert.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Oh I hate to see that Eli and his Mom are leaving...It's so tough to say goodbye!
    The red chair is such a great gift and Victoria looks like a great companion, I love seeing puppy pictures!


  5. Thanks for coming by for a Blog Visit, I always look forward to my Blog Friends coming by and Chatting! Yes, I knew that my lengthy {for me anyway, LOL} absence from daily Blogging would alarm some Friends who might think some tragedy had unfolded, so I wanted to get at least one quick Post Created so everyone would know all was Good and I was busy doing that Studio Makeover and dealing with some necessary Personal Appointments that consumed a lot of time and left me no time to Blog or be online whatsoever all week. Pesky necessary Appointments! *Winks* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian