Sunday, February 17, 2013


Judy loves the bright Polish, Italian and Mexican Pottery pottery.
She has a China Cabinet full  of it in her kitchen

She is collecting the Crosses right now too

More on her countertops.

And range
Some of her old Cookie Cutters

Looking out her back door to the Cottage

Extra bed in her very cheerful and colorful Family Room

Everywhere you look there is something fun to see!

Judy collects Raggedy's just like me!

The dolls and little miniature banner on the top of the dollhouse were made my me as a gift for Judy as a memory from the year we won first place in the Raggedy's Contest in Arcola, Ill.(hometown of Raggedy Ann & Andy) We led the parade walking right in front of the firetruck which would honk his horn ever now and then to the crowd but make us jump!

Another cute little spot!

Happy 70th Birthday Judy!

Little wooden replicas of our  childhood family going to the cemetery made by Marlynne

Two more kitchen pictures (out of order)

Judy made this Decoupage tray

On her kitchen table. She also loves white stoneware.  Especially the restaurant kind with green rims.     I will have one more post of Judy's House showing pictures of the bedrooms and bath. I hope you agree with me, Judy is quite a Decorator!

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