Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sister Judys Front Room

This beautiful trunk was Mothers travel Trunk from years ago! Judy had it repaired and refinished as a special gift to her self one year. I'll let you in on a secret: It's stuffed full of Raggedy Anns & Andys from when it was used open in the family room  The tea set was Mothers also. Yes I have some neat things from Mother & Daddy too!
This was Mothers heavy Iron Footstool that we covered in a beautiful velvet fabric (Blouse from the thrift store) for her cottage. She brought it in the house after "The Snake"! Judy has all her childhood dolls plus ones she has added thru the years. Did you notice the Christmas Tree Pins? She has quite a collection of those, each different, most from the thrift stores!  I have to make her a new black velvet pillow about every other year!

She found this Doll House years ago but it was just in the "raw" so she sent it home with me to fix it up on the outside for her birthday. This was what I came up with, an English Tudor look! The doll inn the pink coat was one of her first dolls. I made thhe coat and hat for a Christmas gift for her when I was in grade school. I'm impressed I was able to do that then!

This precious little Doll Head Maniquin was purchased at an Antique Booth years ago. Judy keeps this light on like a night light  in  the morning and evening. The polish pottery doll tea set was given to her for her last birthday  by a close friend from her school days. Judy collects Polish Pottery also as you will see more of especially when I do a post on her Kitchen.

Here we are! Still havin fun at 76 & 71 years old

Her sofa with add touches! Another one of her childhood dolls! The initial pillow was a project one sister's weekend! The neat Roses Lampshade was made by an Antique Booth friend.

Another old Maniquin Head we found! This buffet makes a sweet display table as in come in by the front door. Judy collects old hats and shoes also.
This  precious little tea party scene is underneath that table. She makes use of every little space available!
This chalk blue painted bookcase holds a lot of her treasures! She as run out of room in her house and is dreaming how she could have a stairway built in the closet to go up to the attic! Not goin work! As I told you Judy is an Artist in Decorating! Next post will feature another room in her house.  Thank You Judy!

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