Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Painted my old Lard Bucket full of fall flowers and leaves. A sorority sister gave me the bucket years ago.

Here is what it looks like.  It is normally on the kitchen table, but the picture took better out on the porch

I'm enjoying visiting Mitford again with Jan Karon's newest book. A blog friend told me about another series of books similar in feel  by Ann B. Ross, called Miss Julie Novels. There are 18 of them with another one out soon. Will check them out next!. I want to read Chip Gaines new book too!

Maurice got the idea of a birthday card he wanted me to make for sister-in -law Shirley and brother Lee.

Decided I wanted to make a Folk Art Fabric picture to Frame. I'm still working on it, but it won't take long now. I will look for a frame at the thrift store with sister Judy Fri and Sat.

Still need to embroidery stems

And add a few more words.

Having Fun making Christmas Tree blocks for gift Table Runners and maybe a quilt for me.

Poor Tasha! Had to get a picture of her for my painting for the art show.

"Tasha in Disgrace"

My second entry was "Awesome" (Total Eclipse 2017)

I'n the only Folk Artist in our Art League or the show. So it's hard to win a ribbon. But it has happened!

"Maurice's Purple Phlox"  I was painting a vase of white phlox, my favorite, and Maurice kept bringing in a purple one and putting it in a glass on the table. So I said O.K. this painting is for you! Hope your enjoying the weather!  Comev visit my 2nd blog too:  Blessings!

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  1. What a beautiful lard bucket -- both in person and in painting!
    I had checked out the Mitford book but it was a 7-day express. Unfortunately, I only got to chapter 11, but am on the list to get it to read at my leisure. Maybe I can finish it yet!
    I like the Christmas tree runners you're making! Very festive. The pumpkin/Halloween pieces are neat too....Your attention to detail is what "makes" them in my opinion.
    Finally, I think Tasha deserves a ribbon for her part in that painting!
    Have a great time with your sis! Hope you find just-the-right-frame ♥