Sunday, September 3, 2017


Everywhere you look is pretty! She has little twinkle lights here there and everywhere!

Judy has so much fun gathering special pieces from Thrift Stores and Antique Malls to furnish her "Dream Room". (Which is her covered and partially enclosed patio right outside her kitchen door)

She has a talent for arranging precious little settings.

Special plates, and pictures.

Twinkle Lights in the fern too!

Judy has created this glamorous pillow by always checking the jewelry counters at the thrift stores.

The Doll and Pram and Pillow were all great buys purchased separately!

She collects pretty glass vases and bottles then accessories them with jewelry and glass toppers

We've found little boxes and shelves which are perfect for displaying more little treasures!

Judy is an early riser (before the sun) And this is where she enjoys her first cups of coffee!

The picture on the table is a favorite of ours. Judy and me many moons ago!

More of her colored glass pieces . The glass heart topper was a recent find!

I'm sorry this picture is a little blurred. It is her precious Judy Doll!

The mirror wall reflects the room beautifully! (Also the flash!)

Another little adorable accessorized shel right outside the kitchen door.

This picture was taken at 6:30 A.M. and she had been out there since 5:00A.M.

This room has been Judy's Dream for many years, but there were always more pressing needs that got in the way. After she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer a year + ago it became a  Priority, AND PUT A TOP OF THE LIST! The hunt for furnishings and little treasures to fill it has brought much happiness into both our lives as we go on the hunt weekly!

Looking out the door opening you see her first Precious Dream Cottage. Now used as a garden shed when the snake decided to move in! (Long gone now I'm sure)

Judy is still taking treatments every 3 weeks , and Praise The Lord no new places have appeared. So so we are gratefully and joyfully enjoying each day!  This is Judy's latest handwork project . Creating beautiful fabric heart masterpieces!

I sewed up 5 more for her before I left this weekend

She found this pretty Biscuit Tin last weekend for her embroidery thread.

Judy looks and is as beautiful as always. Here we were waiting for lunch yesterday. I hope you're putting some happiness in your days too! God Bless You. 


  1. I love it, all the parts of it! It is gorgeous, fantastically artistic and over the moon! So glad she has a good Sister like you! Many prayers your families way!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, how incredible you were able to capture all these wonderful pictures. LOVE the new hearts you both are making. The Dream Room is gorgeous, so happy she can enjoy it that early in the morning! You are such a wonderful sister too!