Thursday, December 29, 2016


This precious little lighted Christmas Tree, a gift from niece Joy was our centerpiece for the  Christmas Afternoon card game, "Hands & Feet" with granddaughter Jackie.

Jackie won as usual!

This was a first for a Christmas Dinner but it was good!

I always take a picture of  Karen and I with our 4 & 5 year  Sunday School Class on the night of their Christmas Program . So this is this years. We've been teaching here for at least 35 years!

Son Paul & Tracee invited us over for Brunch on Christmas Eve which was delightful!

Sister Judy who is going thru Chemo right now was invited and able to come too, although I caught her with a very serious look on her face!

This is the 90th Birthday Card I made for a good friend Esther Hess. One of our Card Playing Buddies!

This was a beautiful setting among many at the Funeral Home where we were the day after Christmas.

Our dear college/church friends of 60 years both in poor health passed within 20 hours of each other. It was a bittersweet experience: 2 hearses -2 caskets. I wrote a tribute to them which to read Maurice and I  had to go up about 5 stairs (without railings) to the pulpit in The historical  Tower Grove Baptist Church .  I almost made reading it without breaking down!

Usually Maurice and I take the grandkids and son Paul our for separate Christmas shopping days & their choice of eateries. But this year there was none of that so we took ourselves out! We choice The Smoke House BBQ! Yeah!

We had 2 meals out of this!

And our favorite place to spend an afternoon!

Books, Magazines and Coffee! Yeah!! Happy Old 2016 and Happy New 2017!


  1. We haven't had a Barnes and Noble afternoon for a long, long time! Keeping up with my 90 year old father has kept us too busy :)
    I can imagine the sadness of the funeral for your two friends. Bittersweet is a good word, I'm sure. I enjoyed hearing about your holiday and glad you had time with friends and family. We've been playing lots of cards with Dad. Tonight we added Hearts and Euchre to our repertoire! We play a lot of Sevens, Golf, and one we call Baptist Rook (which some people call Up the River/Down the River, I believe), and Kings in a Corner. We've also played Racko and Rummikub...EVERY night is game night around here :)

  2. how sad about your friends... but how sweet that they went together. Im glad you had a nice christmas... the TV dinners made me giggle. we used to eat those when we were kids and loved them! I havent had one in years. are you ready for the new year? lol! it makes me a little nervous that I will have to remember to write 2017.. I know I'll screw that up many times before I get it straight.. be cause I do every year! lol!
    have a great day!