Saturday, September 13, 2014


Such a precious idea! I had to go back to this quilt shop and buy this! Think it would be cute for aprons too minus the days of the week!

A friend has a tin like this for her embroidery thread, and I've always admired it so when I saw this one at a thrift store I had to have it!

I can never get to many doilies! And red on them! All the better!

Cotton Crocheted Valances Yeah! Will use them somewhere!

I love this idea!

How cute is this? Of course red catches my eye!

More Cuteness!

Happened on to the neatest sale ever! Yearly benefit for Senior Center don't remember what town or state but do remember cheap prices!

A fast little folk art painting I did early one morning for niece of her living room and kitty named "Skunk"

Santa Fe Adobe Houses. I Love them!

The makings of some paintings!

Would add some tiles around the door on this one!

Painted Fireplace in lobby of motel where we stayed in Santa Fe.

Lucky us to have friends who invited us for a stay in the mountains of Colorado!

Rustic Beauty everywhere!

Our room, the loft up stairs! Yeah!

We visited all our grand kids on this trip! Tyler and fiance Jake.

Salt Lake grand kids, Jackie, Michail, Cassie and Davey along with Mom Grace treated us to a 59th Anniversary Dinner!

Our first selfie in the Red Wood Forest!

Our youngest grandson Davey dressed up for first day of 8th grade as well as our Anniversary Dinner! He made a hit with us!

Hadn't had our great grandson for about a month and boy has he grown up! No more Highchair and potty trained! But still the same precious little guy!

Maurice with nephew Jim on the beach in Arcata, Calif

Husband Maurice realizing a childhood dream!

It is an amazing site!

Think Maurice wants to memorize this!

"Bloom where your planted", or happen to land! We are having very cool weather with Fall in the air here! Hope it is pleasing where you are too! Would welcome you over to my second blog: and Marlynne Snare Folk Artist on facebook also


  1. looks like a fun trip! Especially to see all your grandbabies. makes me a tiny sad to think that mine could all grow up and move away... oh my goodness.. well, thats a long way off I suppose.
    love the painting you did for your niece. great pics!
    have a great week!

  2. Wow, lucky you! I've been wanting to visit the redwood forest forever! Happy to see that you had such a wonderful vacation:)

  3. Glad to see what a fun trip you had with your family. I love adobe houses too in fact we used to live in one for many years until our last move 10 years ago.
    Have a great weekend coming up!
    x Suzy

  4. Such a fun blog! The red in your found doilies and redwork embroidery would be a match made in heaven! Glad to have met you during your stop in Las Vegas to Thread Bear.