Saturday, June 8, 2013


This is my first childhood home as it looks now. When I lived there in the 40's it was brown , and the porch was not closed in. It had a big Snowball bush on one side and a lilac on the other. I started to kindergarten while we lived here.

Our Home Church "Benton Blvd. Baptist Church" at 25th & Benton Blvd. as it is now.  In the 40's and 50's it seemed so much larger! The church congregation moved several times and is now called Longview Baptist and is located in Lee's Summit, Mo.

Husband Maurice and I were both active young people in the church. We  were married here Aug. 26, 1955 on a very warm Friday evening in a overflowing church with big floor fans working overtime!  This Aug will be our 58th Wedding Anniversary!

Side view. Young people used the blue doors mostly. Have a picture of the youth on the steps here in the 50's! The Vacation Bible School Parades would start  on this side of the building and tour and walk around  the neighborhoods

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  1. Really interesting post. I enjoyed this bit of your history.