Wednesday, March 13, 2013


"The Baptist Children Home Quilters" We gathered the last 12 weeks of our quilts for a farewell look before all 26 of them headed off to Warsaw, Mo. Some of our other quilters make quilts also  Shown in the picture from left. to right are Marlynne (me), Maxine and good friend Rose Marie..
Inspiration for my yearly Geranium Painting. Geraniums are about my favorite flower, but Nasturtiums are right up there too! Can you tell Red and Yellow are my favorite colors!

I keep geraniums all  through the winter, but this year was not a good one for them. So I was on the look out for some plants to take pictures of and when we went to eat at "Sweet Tomatoes" last week there they were! I have the empty frame hanging in the dining room just waiting for the painting!

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  1. Those quilts are gorgeous!! I so admire anyone that has the patience to quilt, so much work and exactness goes into each one! I know they will be appreciated! Thank you so much for dropping by the Dress form ball!