Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This little 12"X12" HOUSE QUILT BLOCK  IS MY artist rendition of my CHILDHOOD HOME of the '50's in  Kansas City, Mo.  Many Summers days were spent on that porch. From a summer long Monopoly game to moving the sewing machine out there and creating  school clothes for the new school year!
This little  LOG HOUSE Quilt Block features an "Add-On"to make room for the family!

I just couldn't resist these quaint little bags of flower and vegetable seeds.  After I plant the seeds I will feature the packages on one of my Art Journal pages, won't that make a fun page?

The clerk ask if I actually plant all these seeds in stead of buying the plants? I said I do, I don't always have too good of luck with them, but I love the act of doing it!  Of course I buy plants too! I've started them on top of the refrigerator at times  and once made one bedroom a starter room with low hanging grow lights over a bed!

My newest book of inspiration!

 My Latest painting  I call "Spring Returns" displayed in the snow that we still have on the ground!
Hope you'll come see my other blog: www.mcreatesdaily.blogspot.com and wwwMarlynneSnareFolkArtist facebook     Happy Creating!     P.S. Next weeks post will finish Sister Judy's house featuring the Bedrooms and Bath

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  1. I love your painting! It is beautiful! I like seeds too. I like watching them pop through the dirt. Silly I know but I check on them all the time. The houses are awesome, I need to try making one.