Monday, January 16, 2017


My Handwork Project right now for carrying with me.  "Victorian Book Markers."

Been playing with these directions for easy half square triangles.

Small 3 3/4" squares of fabric for finished  2 3/4" square blocks

Used 6 1/2 square pieces of fabric. Ended with  5 1/2" blocks.

6 1/2" square pieces of fabric doing just 2 triangles

We enjoyed a Serendipity few hours over lunch with Son Paul and Tracee. today. Took advantage of his Martin Luther King Holiday from teaching.

This is my newest read. I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Put a backing on my Piece of Tapestry. to make it an official throw.  The backing won't show as much normally!

Thought you might like to see what I look at across the room when I'm setting in my green chair. Yes Tasha's Toys are usually in their too!

I have enjoyed making Samplers over the years and  four of them hang in this room.

I got this kit  in a quaint needlework shoppe in The Cotswold's in England while celebrating our Anniversary.  The Linen and yarn were so neat! Different than here!

This one hangs in the pool room

This pillow is in the Kitchen.

I didn't make this but loved it, so added it to my collection!

Another one added!

Oops!  Would love to see some of your all's collections too! Happy Creating!

Monday, January 9, 2017


Added some twinkle lights and white dogwoods branches to the beautiful new red pitcher that special friend Karen Grimes gave me for Christmas. Now it's dressed for Valentines day!
These are some of the favorite old things I enjoy in my Art Studio.

More Eye Candy!

Decorated fan in Art Studio.

Inspiration everywhere!

If it's red, I usually love it!

The geraniums are blooming again in the studio window!

I have gobs of material but especially enjoy my fat quart shelf!

One of my very favorite places is out great room. Maurice and I love to sit and read, visit and study in our green chairs!

I did a painting of it the room in 2000.

I enjoy my doll house collection too!

A favorite nap spot!

Maurice & I enjoy our piano and keyboard and once in awhile playing duets!

This is a fun easy book to make you feel professional!

Really enjoy the pair of floor candelabras which I bought from Del Dunmire's Antique/Flea Market last year.

The one on the other side.  Hope you are enjoying some favorite old and new things and places daily too!