Saturday, May 27, 2017


We've been dealing with really bad "colds" and a heart wrenching  family incident, and a broken computer all contributing to my long absence from my blogs! But the good news is sister Judy's Cancer is diminishing! The treatment is working, giving us a new lease on life! So we are getting back to a dream she has had for a long time! Partly enclosing her patio, and making it into a "Bohemian Fantasy" for outdoor living! 

This gorgeous skirt is inspiring the colors!

I took several pictures because it is inspiring me to do some  "Bohemian Floral Paintings too!

Could easily end up a series of Bohemian Florals!

We enjoyed our Beta Sigma Phi Secret Sister Luncheon last week on  Carols enclosed porch!

The gift of choice seemed to be outdoor flowers!

I was on the same wave lenght with my floral painting made for my secret sister accompanying a Cato Gift Card.

My newest Pool Table Setting!

Sweet Friend Robin brought over a mini quilt she made to cheer us up!  It looks so cute in my newly changed pool table display above too!

We sent this picture to try and cheer up Grandson Davey in Idaho! Tasha sure was  puzzled with Dad's bandana!

I'm having fun this year creating "Garden Totems" with flowerpots. Not cemented together just stacked for easy dismantling!

This is the "Summer Display Kitchen Shelves"  Will probably add Uncle Sams later!  Hope your Summer or Fall is going well. God Bless All Of You!. You might check out my second blog for some different fun!


  1. Can't wait to see more of your sister's patio!
    And the garden totem - how creative. I think even I could do that!

  2. Hello Marlynne Lovely to read this post and to hear how your sister is progressing. We have been through a similar situation here also!
    The Bohemian floral skirt will certainly be an inspiration.
    All the very best,