Saturday, February 4, 2017


Kept seeing this pillow at Walmart  and smiling at it so decided it would be my muse on the art table.

Well, we're finally getting a new van in honor of out 80th Birthdays!

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. We have 377,000 miles on our old one and it's still going strong. Maurice always cares well for our vehicles!

I'm working on a pattern for Spring Tulip Garlands. This little fabric picture will set on the kitchen table or Seasonal Shelf.
Decided I'd make my own pattern  for this pincushion.

I'd been waiting to post this picture of my pincushions till I found where I put my oldest one that I made for Mother when I was little. But alas I can't find it! But figure it will show up after this posting!

Ran onto a 5/$1.00 sale on felt pieces. So will make some more styles soon.

Half off on the Valentine Lights! Since I have Christmas and  Halloween and Summer I needed these don't you think!

Lighting up the back entry to the porch and backdoor.

Every once in awhile. We feel it's a Pancake Morning! Usually when it's raining or snowing! We were reminiscing recently how many kids and grand kids Maurice has taught how to make pancakes!

My TOPS friends and I had an outing the other day so naturally I found some things I needed! This little Scottie looks precious on my seasonal shelf in the kitchen

I can seldom resist little children's tin tea sets especially in red!

I put them here there and everywhere! They make me happy!

I decided I'd use a few of my Kurzweild Art Boards  that survived the fire here at home. This is one of my favorites. Well probably add another one underneath.

Entrance to the back porch.

This is Othello our only  "kattie" left.

The new issue of my favorite magazine.

Another set of paintings that went through the fire. These were really covered with black soot but I worked on them and got it off, then repainted. These are some of my favorites too!!

Right now they are on the seasonal redbird shelf too!

I decided I wanted the rickrack around the edges  so the first picture in the post shows how it ended up! Hope your smiling and enjoying your winter days too!

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  1. So glad to see a post from you! I was beginning to wonder :)
    I'm sure you'll enjoy your new van. We don't drive a van, but our cars have high miles on 'em, too - well, not nearly as high as your OLD one.
    Not sure I remember details of your fire (when, where, etc.) You mention it twice here and it made me wonder.
    I like all the new additions to your collections.
    So, did you find the pincushion you were looking for????
    I thumbed through your favorite magazine last week when we went to Barnes and Noble to spend an hour or so....Always interesting.
    ♥Happy birthdays to BOTH of you, by the way..♥