Tuesday, February 16, 2016


 I bought this set of old books from a Catholic Thrift Store Years ago and have enjoyed reading them thru the years.

My little trio of porcelain kitties watch over us in our bedroom.

This Needlepoint Pillow is one of my favorite Violet pieces I forgot to picture last post!

Love this vase! It hangs on our picture gallery wall in the bedroom.

This is little Marlynne probably 77 years ago! Ouch!

I found this little violet pin dish years ago at an  Estate Sale

Neighbor and friend Hope gave me these years ago for my birthday.

I knew I wanted to use a small piece of this beautiful material sister Judy gave me for book markers.

So I got busy the other night and...

Made them!

Victoria, sister Judy's doggy is visiting us for a few days. But after a vigorous romp and walk....

She and Tasha are ready for a "Lay Down" Hope you are enjoying your days too! Spring is just 333 days away! Yeah! You might enjoy my other blog also: wwwmcreatesdaily.blogspot.com  Blessings!

Friday, February 5, 2016


My last year before I cross over into the big 80!  But never fear, I'll enjoy every one of those birthdays and spread out the fun just like I have in the past!
The inside of  my 1950 Birthday Card above
 Violets are my Birthday Flower, so I have been aware of them more lately!
I have been looking again at some of my past Birthday Wishes.  Many years ago sister Judy gave me a beautiful bouquet of long steam forever roses with little love messages. The bouquet is still on display in our bedroom

Mother gave me a surprise 16th Birthday Slumber Party and embroidered this dish for all my friends to sign. I still have it displayed in our kitchen.

Here we are with me at the center end. We kept in touch for many years, but now some have past on and I just get a Christmas card from one or two of them.

This little darling birthday card was sent to me 68 yrs ago!


The inside of this card is shown  above. The back note on card is below.

I remember this little pink cross for my Bible, but sadly I have misplaced it over the years.

My last Birthday Card from Mother. Feb. 6, 2000


Sister Judy and I a few days ago at The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall in Grain Valley

So Many Fun Booths!

Decorated for Valentines Day!

Cute Garlands!

Liked the 3 Borders around this colorful quilt!

Great Grandson Eli helping me  show off my Birthday Card which came  today from Cousin Florence & Roger.  Wishing you all some fun days too! You might check out my 2nd blog: wwwmcreatesdailyblogspot.com also.