Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I'm staying up at sister Judy's now while we are dealing with the bad word Cancer.! This is her cottage/garden shed.  Judy had a knee replacement in July and the pain continued proving to be cancer. The Doctors feel it started in her lungs and metastasized to her femur bone. She has been going thru many tests, X-ray's, MRI's, Bone Scans, and Pet Scan and more!.  We were all shocked with the results as Judy nor her deceased husband have never smoked and never had any smoking in their home. And she has never had shortness of breath or coughing and is a singer with a huge opera voice.

The family is all  devastated but committed like Judy to fighting it! And like we all should be we will  try to see some good in every day and give God the glory! Judy's little ray of sunshine; great grandson Ryder brought her this cute little pumpkin before her latest surgery.

I couldn't get Victoria to turn around. But you can still see her Halloween outfit she came home in from the groomer!

I work on creative handwork whenever I can, so finished this little pumpkin before coming up  2 weeks ago,

This man and his wife have a cute little white bungalow in Harrisonville that they always have decorated in a patriotic style. I have admired it for several years and taken pictures. This year I decided to do a painting of  the house for one of my entries in the art show and then  surprised him with it as a gift.. He seemed very pleased.

Our cousin reunion was a couple of days after we got the terrible cancer news. Judy decided to go anyway and everyone was so happy as it had been several years since we were all together. Judy is in the center in chartreuse top

Judy and I have had so much fun thru the years and  we want to get back to it again!

Maurice now usually joins us as the chauffeur!

Judy has so many friends praying for her and supporting her thru this!  This yellow rose was given to her by one of the men  that drinks coffee regularly at Hyvee  where Judy and her friends go frequently in the mornings . We covet your thoughts and prayers too during these hard times. Thanks.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this - and how strange. Pretty sure I've never heard of it like this...
    I'm glad you're with her AND that she is strong/determined in her mind and spirit.

  2. Many prayers for your sister and family! She is lucky to have a sister like you to help during this time. What a wonderful gesture giving that family your painting! I am sure it will be a treasure!