Friday, June 17, 2016


Love the Tree Huggers!  Judy here is a use for out Granny Square Kits!

I need to make enough for one small tree. But I need more lessons Judy since I didn't even get one completed!

Love these Gallardias! (Spelling?) But They don't seem  to like me! 

Little Fairy Potting Shed.

One Lone Hollyhock. Another plant I love that doesn't do well for me! I used  to have them up by the cottage.

So much creativity!

These owners  babies were napping in the gift shop. She said the brown one was an unusual long haired Dachshund! 

Bought rocks and Slag glass here!

Even got a bag of small pieces to sprinkle around my stepping stones in the blue bottle garden

Cute Doggie Planter!

How Fun! I miss our Camper!

My attempt at a Selfie while waiting for the trolley after lunch.

The best place to eat in Eureka for a big salad bar. Delicious meals also. The Locals go here! It's in one of the Best Western's.

Here is Maurice blowing out his 80 candles on Sunday Morning at refreshments between services. He actual left one not blown out to assure another birthday he said!

In the afternoon we went for a lovely lunch at Tracee's house where she and son Paul treated us to a special 80th Birthday/Father's Day Celebration

Our Grandkids were there too! Davey and his girl friend Olivia  and Michail

Great grandson Eli and Jackie

Jasper is an  a important member of the family! Pictured along with Tracee and Paul.

Maurice is treated to his special piece with candle to blow out! There's a funny story behind this but tell it here!


  1. Happy birthday (belated?) to Maurice! Family makes it finer :)
    Love the granny-squares the tree is wearing...
    I can always count on colorful, interesting things when I come to visit Precious Cottage ♥

  2. If that is your Garden I am GREEN with Envy! So Enchanting... the 3rd and 4th Image took my breath away! And a belated Happy Birthday! The Son has his 30th Birthday in two days! Dawn... The Bohemian