Saturday, May 28, 2016


I started this painting a couple of years ago and just hadn't finished it! So today was the day!

Finished! "Blue Bottle Garden"

I've started fixing up the other side of the yard too! I'm looking for a wooden birdfeeder ot large birdhouse for this side also!

We were so sad to hear of our dear friend, Marie's death this past week. She was a sorority member, T.O.P.S. and Church member with us until she moved a few years back. She and her husband Bill were always such good sports dressing up for all our fun HALLOWEEN parties!

Finished this little Violet Painting

For  Ashley our February Birthday Senior Graduate

I had one of our men sing "You are My Sunshine" to his lady friend at Music Time at the health care facility last week. He is a good singer! In fact they all sang well last week!

I personalized this painting for Esther my secret sister as her gift. It's called "Cletus in the Window". She had this cat for 18 years and it has been gone for 5-10 years.  I didn't remember what he looked like so I made up a story about hearing about someone who had a cat named Cletus, and said," Wasn't that your cats name? " She promptly told me all about him what kind and color and all I needed to know!  She had no idea what I was up to  and was Very Excited with the painting when she opened it!

Here is Esther,  almost 90 yrs young flying a kite at out secret sister party that day. Hope you are taking time to have fun too! My second blog is:


  1. I LOVE the painting you did for your friend with the kitty in the window! just love it!
    glad youre enjoying your bottle garden, it looks like a great place to hang out and relax!
    have a great memorial day weekend my friend.

  2. I'm so excited that you're fixing up another part of your yard. You are one of the most creative persons I know & I look forward to watching it develop. It would be hard for me to select a favorite painting of the 3 (or is it 4) you showed here. How blessed your friends are to have an original! YOU are the sunshine in so many peoples'lives! Hope all the blessings you give out come back to you!